SurfScape Labs 0.1.0

Labs is a project created to share and test inside experiments from the SurfScape project. This includes new services, features, and run code on a production enviroment.

This is directed to developers but we also encourage all users to look around.

It is recommended to use a desktop computer to test/run/view studies.

Current studies

Study Name Track Code Summary Status Overview
SurfKit SPTC101210SK UI framework for use in SurfScape sites and services In Progress Access
Eversoul SPTC270823E Design portal for templates and layouts Planing Access
NeoSearch SPTC250823NS Neocities search engine Hiatus Access
GameVortex SPTC120523GV Gaming portal In Progress Access
AdZone SPTC070523SSA-AZ Promotion platform using ad banners Hiatus Access